15 Things to Do This Weekend in Lanzarote

15 Things to Do This Weekend in Lanzarote

Ready to enjoy the weekend? Lanzarote concludes the celebrations of the Fiestas del Carmen this weekend, so there will be many musical, sporting, religious and festive events. In addition to activities for young people and for the kids.

Don't miss the best 15 Things to do this weekend in Lanzarote.

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1. Fiestas de Playa Blanca 2018

Playa Blanca continues the celebrations of the Fiestas del Carmen until this Sunday. And this weekend is full of activities for all ages.

On Friday there will be a children's film screening, Zumba Masterclass and the beginning of the Young People's Night. While on Saturday, the children's games will begin at 10:00 am, followed by the Boat Race. And in the evening the performance of "Sincomplejos" and the "verbena" with the orchestra "MamboRik"o and the group "Leyenda Joven" frrom Gran Canaria.

After two swimming events, Sunday culminates with the mass, the sea procession and the concert of the group "Pellizco" and the artist David de María. And then there'll be Fireworks.

2. I Swimming crossing Hesperia Playa Dorada

Three hundred swimmers will gather this Sunday, July 22nd, at the Hesperia Dorada Swimming Crossing, a race that will be eligible for the Lanzarote Open Water Cup, which will begin at 11:30 am in Playa Dorada.

3. I Swimming crossing Atlantic Museum

Yaiza also hosts this Sunday a second swim, the first edition of the Atlantic MuseumSwimming Crossing, which completed the quota of one hundred swimmers, who face a challenge on Sunday to swim 4,500 meters between Papagayo and Playa Dorada, a valid event for the Open Water Canary Islands Cup.

4. Julio Joven 2018

San Bartolomé celebrates the third edition of "Julio Joven" with a varied programme that includes music, championships, sports, solidarity walking, hiking, beach, recreational and cultural activities and much more, aimed at young people.

Friday, July 20th

10:00 am. Beach Tennis Class at Goliath Beach.

5:00 pm. Fashion jewellery workshop at the Bodeguita de la Cas Cerdeña de San Bartolomé.

Free Registration. Limit of places.

8:30 pm. Night Orientation Test in the Parque Félix de San Bartolomé. Registration half an hour before the test.

Saturday, July 21st

10:00 am. Start of the San Bartolomé Youth Bowling Championship at the Deiland Shopping Centre.

Free Registration: Deiland Shopping Centre Bowling.

Limited places.

Sunday, July 22nd

10:00 am. Finals of the San Bartolomé Youth Bowling Championship at the Deiland Shopping Centre.

Awards ceremony at the end of the event.

5. Family Stars: Moon and Planets. Kosmos Lanzarote.

On Saturday, July 21st, the activity " Family Stars: Moon and Planets", organized by Kosmos Lanzarote, will take place at 8:30 pm.

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