8 Things to Do This Weekend in Lanzarote

8 Things to Do This Weekend in Lanzarote

Carnival weekend is here. Do you have your costume? In addition to the Carnval in Arrecife and the Carnival in San Bartolomé, this weekend you can also enjoy music, sports and activities for children.

Don't miss the best 8 Things to Do this Weekend in Lanzarote.

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1. Carnaval Arrecife 2018

Arrecife celebrates the Carnival this weekend with a full program from this Thursday until next Wednesday, with the traditional "Burial of the Sardine":

Thursday, February 8

6:00 pm. Traditional Carnival. Parade with giants and bigheaded, from Las Cuatro Esquinas, passing through Calle Real to La Plazuela. Participants: Los Buches, Los Diabletes and Charanga Los Gruñones.

9:00 pm. Election of the Carnival Queen, at the Fairgrounds, with the participation of different groups from the island and the performance of Edwin Rivera.

Friday, February 9th

9:00 pm. Grand Final of the "XXX Murgas Adultas Competition" at the Fairgrounds, with the participation of the finalists and the performance of Trío Zapatista.

Saturday, February 10th

12:00 noon. Parade of Batucadas and Comparsas, from "Las Cuatro Esquinas", León and Castillo, to the Canary Islands Park.

1:00 pm. "Carnaval Porteño Arrecife 2018" with different performances and DJ Maxi, in Avenida La Marina.

5:00 pm. Masquerade Dance, for seniors at the Argana Baja Socio-cultural Centre.

Sunday, February 11th

5:00 pm. Children's Festival and election of the Queen of Carnival. Costume Contest (single, couples and groups), with performances of the "Murgas Infantiles" winning design and lyrics and the Group "Chiquilladas".

Monday, February 12th

6:00 pm. GREAT PARADE of floats, murgas, comparsas, batucadas and masks from Ciudad Deportiva.

Tuesday, February 13th

5:30 pm. Children's Carnival in the Tent of the Fairgrounds with workshops, bouncy castles, mats and performances of "The Wizard of Oz" and clowns.

Wednesday, February 14th

6:00 pm. BURIAL OF THE SARDINE with departure from the Town Hall to the Maritime Park, with the participation of murgas, comparsas, winning floats and painful little masks. Next Grand Burning of the Carnival Sardine 2018.

2Lanzarote Góspel Choir

This Friday, the Palacio Spínola, Casa-Museo del Timple, in the Villa de Teguise, will host the concert of "Lanzarote Góspel Choir", at 8:30 pm. Free entrance.


3. Timanfaya Triathlon 2018

The VI Timanfaya Triathlon takes place this Saturday, February 10. It is one of the first races of the triathlon season in the Canary Islands and will have a 750-metre swim, 20 kilometres on bicycle and a 5-kilometre run on foot. The three segments will be developed in the south of the island of Lanzarote, having the town of Playa Blanca as the epicenter of the event.

4. Children's Activity: Cooking Workshop Special for Valentine's Day. Deiland.

On Sunday, February 11, the Deiland Shopping Center organizes the "Cooking Workshop: Special Valentine's Day", at 11:30 am, as part of its program of activities for children.

Registration at 629 818 455.

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5. Recital-Concert: "Espérame" (wait for me)

This Saturday, February 10th, the Convent of Santo Domingo, Villa de Teguise, will host the recital-concert: "Espérame" (Wait for me), at 9:00 pm. With the voice of Elisa Martell, Ayoze Rodríguez Martín on the Clarinet and Natalija Nikolayeva on the piano.

6. Carnival of San Bartolome 2018

The Carnival of San Bartolome is celebrated on Tuesday, February 13, with the "Family Day Carnival".

At 12:00 noon, the Gran Carnival Parade will take place with murgas, comparsas and batucadas, departing from Calle Constitución (Museo Tanit).

Then, you can enjoy the concert of the groups: Treintytantos, Los Conejeros and Dj Ángel Pérez.

There will also be children's workshops and bouncy castles in Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente Park.

7. Rubicon February Activities.

The Rubicón Shopping Centre has a special agenda for February with children's workshops every Friday, from 5:00 to 7:00 pm with "Los Piratas del Rubicón" (Rubicon Pirates) and great adventures.

There will also be special activities for Valentine's Day on Monday 12 and Tuesday 13.


8. Exhibitions:

On Lanzarote there are several exhibitions in the different Art and Culture Centres.

Tonight the exhibition "De La Graciosa al Teide", will be inaugurated at 7:30 pm, at the Casa de la Cultura of Villa de Teguise. With the artists: Nicolás Laiz, Imeldo Bello and Pepe Dámaso.

You can also visit the Exhibition by NICOLÁS LAIZ. “Ultrasuvenir”, at "Sala Cubo" of CIC El Almacén, until March, 17.

Or the Exhibition by Diego Rueda, at El Quirófano, until this Friday the 16th.

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