Must Try Lanzarote dishes

Must Try Lanzarote dishes

If you visit Lanzarote, don't forget to try its delicious typical dishes. Lanzarote, like the rest of the Canary Islands, has received varied cultural contributions that have influenced the gastronomy.

The typical dishes of Lanzarote stand out for their simplicity, taking advantage of the raw material found on the island and the coast.

In Lanzarote you can enjoy good meat and fresh fish, which are part of the "table conejera", as well as vegetables, stews, olive oil and, of course, wine and cheese from Lanzarote.

The gastronomy of Lanzarote is very varied, however we can name some of the most famous and rich dishes that you can taste in Lanzarote:

"Get me some wrinkled potatoes!", is what you can hear the most in the restaurants of Lanzarote. It is the most popular dish, accompanied by the canary mojo, either green mojo or red mojo.

Being an island, fish and seafood are always present. Dare to try the octopus, macaws, tuna, bass, hake, old fish, mussels... whatever you want!

Barnacles are also among the most popular dishes in Lanzarote. It is grilled and served with a sauce of parsley, garlic and onion, as well as olive oil and white wine. All over the island you can find this delicious dish.

The prawns and octopus are also among the most requested in Lanzarote, accompanied by potatoes wrinkle' as, canarian mojo and salad.

Don't leave Lanzarote without trying the dishes with fresh fish. You can order it in any way: fried, roasted, cooked or sautéed, always accompanied by mojo. The most characteristic fish of Lanzarote is the Old one, endemic of the Canary Islands.

For dessert you can order a "Bienmesabe", made with almonds, egg, sugar and lemon. Or some dessert made with gofio.

Don't think about calories and enjoy!