17 Things to do this Weekend in Lanzarote

17 Things to do this Weekend in Lanzarote

April arrives with many events. Enjoy the best children's activities, great musical performances, theatre plays, sporting events and much more. Here are the best 17 things to do this weekend in Lanzarote.

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1. Family theatre: "Western lo que western". Reciclown Teatro

This Saturday, April 7th, the "Western lo que western", from Reciclown Teatro, will be presented at the La Tegala Social and Cultural Center in Haría el Teatro Familiar at 12:30 pm.

Admission is free of charge until full capacity is reached.

2. Musia: Kike Perdomo Quartet

On Thursday, April 5th, Kike Perdomo Quartet will perform at the MIAC-Castillo de San José, at 9:00 pm. Tickets can be purchased online between 5 and 10€.

3. Theatre: "The secrets of the Vagina". Clapso Producciones

The play "Los secretos de la Vagina" (The Secrets of the Vagina) arrives this Friday, April 6th, at the Teatro el Salinero, at 8:30 pm. The show is recommended for people over the age of 13 and lasts 70 minutes. Tickets are on sale online for 10€.

4. Viola and Piano concert.

Next Saturday, at 9: 00 pm at the Indieras Hall in Tías, the Class Ik Lanzarote Viola and Piano Concert will take place, with performances by Macarena Pesutic and Javier Lanis.

5. Copa TRAIL: VI Circular nocturna "La Bruja de Haría"

This Saturday, April 7th, the 6th Night Circular "La Bruja de Haría" will be held at 8:00 pm.

6. Music: Alberto Cortez. Tour "El Regreso".

"The great singer-songwriter of simple things", Alberto Cortez, will be performing this Friday, April 6th, at the Jameos del Agua Auditorium, at 8:00 pm, with his "El Regreso" tour.

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